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Uriel: Angel of the Presence, the Light of God

[The angelic light of Zionism gives new hope to despairing Jewry, bookplate by E. M. Lilien]

Uriel: ( אוּרִיאֵל “God is my Light”). Uriel is one of the four princely angels (Sar ha-Panim) that surround [or form] the Throne of God (Numbers Rabbah 2:10; PdRE 4):

As the Holy One blessed be He created four winds and four banners, so also did He make four angels to surround His Throne — Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. Michael is on its right, next to the tribe of Reuben; Uriel on its left, next to the tribe of Dan, which was in the north [1]; Gabriel in front, next to the tribe of Judah, also Moses and Aaron, who were in the east; and Raphael in the rare, next to the tribe of Epharim which was in the west....

He is first mentioned by name in 1st Enoch (chapters 9; 19-20), though he does not appear in a later angelic list in that same book. He is identified as the angel who revealed the secrets of the true, celestial calendar to Enoch, counteracting the impure lunar calendar given to humanity by the fallen angels (I En. 33; 80). In II Edras he brings God’s message of rebuke to Ezra (4:1). He appears regularly in medieval angelic lists (PR 46; Num. R. 2:10; Mid. Konen).

Uriel is regarded by some to the Sar ha-Torah, the Prince of the Torah:

....Why was he named Uriel? Because of the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings by means of which the Holy One, blessed by He, atones for sins and gives light to Israel (Num. Rabbah 2:10).

He is also the patron angel of Jerusalem (4 Ezra 10). He has control over earthquakes and thunder. In the medieval aggadah Gedulat Moshe he is described as being made entirely from hail. He could also take on the form of an eagle. Midrash Aggadah claims he was the avenging force God sent against Moses for failing to circumcise his son Gershom. He announced the birth of Samson.

In the Zohar he is identified with the lion – faced angel in Ezekiel’s chariot. In lion form, Uriel would descend and consume the sacrifices on the altar of the Temple (I: 6b).

Uriel is one of the four guardian angels invoked for protection while sleeping in the bedtime ritual of K’riat Sh’ma al ha-Mitah.

Zal g'mor - learn more by reading the Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism:

[1] In fact, there is no consensus within the tradition as to Uriel's exact position. Other sources claim he is the angel of the south. One text states he stands in front of the Throne of Glory, another text claims he is behind the Throne (Margoliot, Malachei Elyon).


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Cool stuff

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Whats the difference of christian angels

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doing research on my own spontaneous experiences with the sar ha panim. your work is wonderful. Is it common for these things to just occur without prayer or meditation?

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Dunno how you'd perceive our blog, yet, I support Israel 101% because that's precisely where we got our anscestors. Shalom, my brudda. God bless you.

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