Friday, May 06, 2011

Three Jews and a Norseman: Why Thor is (almost) a MOT

So my son loves, loves, loves, American comics. And you know I can't escape going to see Thor. Not a Jewish bone in his two-dimensional, four-color, Aryan-buff body, of course. Total pagan. Except....well, he is (in his alter ego) a doctor. But he also has a heck of a lot of Jewish DNA in his birth. After all, he was the love-child of three Jews - Stan Lee (the imagineer), his brother Larry Lieber (the maggid, or story-teller) and the mighty Jack Kirby (the pen-and-ink demiurge who brought him visually to life). Think of them as a Kind of Komic Kabbalah: Stan as Keter, Larry as Hokhmah, and Jack as Binah. All that Thor was and is emanates from them.

And speaking of KKK, there's another reason for Jews to go see this seeming goyisha fest: Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists hate it. As the poster above reveals, some lily-white schmucks (did I say that?) object to having a black dude guarding the gates to Asgard. They want A BOYCOTT! Owww it just makes the Jewish contrarian nudginess-sense tingle with the desire to see an integrated Norse pleroma over and over again. Of course, sense has nothing to do with any of this; the whole thought that a nice African guy somehow ruins their purity fest collapses in mind-boggling illogic when one knows the god-man Thor was immaculately conceived by three Members Of the Tribe.

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