Friday, February 22, 2008

Monism, Unity, and Duality in Judaism

[The labyrinth of existence unfolds within God: A perspective diagram of the sefirot which appears in Pardes Rimmonim ]
In the past two weeks we've looked at two excerpts from Kedushat Levi by Rabbi Yitzchak (or Yitzkhak, or Isaac) Levi of of Berdichev (or Berditchev) in which he explores the kabbalistic/Hasidic teaching that God is The All. We'll finish this exploration (I may come back to him) poetically, with a song that Rabbi Levi Yitzkhak would sing, as cited in in Buber's Tales of the Hasidim: Early Masters:

Where I wander--You./ Where I ponder--You./ Only You, You again, always You./ You! You! You!/ When I'm gladdened--You./ When I am saddened--You./ Only You, You again, always You./ You! You! You!/ Sky is You. Earth is You./ You above. You below./ In every trend, at every end/ Only You, You again, always You./ You! You! You!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question...I like the abstract aspect to your concept of God. "God is the All, etc..." Although, my question is how do we reconcile this transcendent/ metaphysical understanding of God with the rather immanently involved personal God displayed in the Bible?

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi this is off the point, but I was wondering what your take is on Miriam...have got your book, love it, however, there seems to be a lot missing from the Miriam story, what were prohesies and why was she struck with lerprosy or is it albinism when Aaron was not...

Couldn;t find an email address to ask this question to you

4:06 AM  

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